Welcome to #TheDoctorsDownload
Shape the future of digital in less than 5 minutes

What is ‘TheDoctorsDownload’? The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, in partnership with the Professional Record Standards Body, is launching a UK wide online conversation, - The Doctors’ Download - to engage the whole of the medical profession in a debate about their digital experiences and expectations.


What is an online conversation? Sometimes referred to as ‘crowdsourcing’ it is a different way of engaging large numbers of people to generate ideas, feedback and discussion about a particular topic. It’s different to a survey because it is interactive, participants get to say what they think, the ‘crowd’ can take the conversation in whatever way they want generating much richer and authentic feedback and insights. Once the conversation has closed, all the anonymised contributions will be downloaded and analysed using qualitative thematic analysis.


Who should get involved? We want as many doctors as possible to get involved giving their insights on issues micro and macro – from your experiences of logging on to their work PC in the morning, to fundamental changes observed around the use of new health technologies. We also want to hear ideas for improvement in the way in which we can improve how digital in health and care is designed and deployed from both a human and technology perspective.


What do you hope to achieve? Our ambition is to generate a truly authentic and evidence-based picture of the digital experiences and expectations of doctors in the UK. The insight generated from this en-masse engagement will be used to inform and influence the policy development of government and national bodies in the NHS, and identify actions for the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and our members.